Thermal Packaging Solutions

Evolution Medical is a leading provider of advanced, performance-driven, reusable and single use passive, thermal packaging solutions for the shipment of temperature -sensitive products for the pharmaceutical, biotech and life science industries in South Africa and Africa.

We have range of fully international pharmaceutical compliant pallet and single, reusable shippers that meet all international regulatory requirements.

All-in-One Biothermal Temperature Controlled Packaging Solutions

We offer a complete beginning-to-end cold chain solution from customer pick up and packing, to logistics, to product delivery for the end user


[Title] Cold Chain Logistics Protecting the Evolution of Medical Innovations

The medical industry estimates that within the next few years, temperature sensitive biopharmaceutical products will be used at twice the rate of other pharmaceutical products. Cold chain logistics plays a fundamental role in ensuring temperature sensitive biopharmaceuticals are transported safely and in such a way that their integrity is not compromised.

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Posted by Ryan Hardacre on Wednesday, April 28, 2021 Views: 154

[Title] The Importance of Cold Chain Management in the Pharmaceutical Sector

Cold chain is a supply chain that aims to maintain the quality and integrity of a product by ensuring the correct temperature is maintained, from manufacture right through to the end user.

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Posted by Ryan Hardacre on Wednesday, March 24, 2021 Views: 206

[Title] J&J Temperature Sensitive Vaccines use Cold Chain Technologies Packaging

The first batch of Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccines arrived at OR Tambo airport late on Tuesday the 16th of February. Cold Chain Technologies’ Kool Temp GTS Evolution cold chain shipping boxes were used to transport the COVID-19 vaccines safely from America to South Africa.

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Posted by Ryan Hardacre on Wednesday, February 17, 2021 Views: 201

White Papers & Case Studies

Case Study: Global pharmaceutical company reduces shipping costs by 20%Avoiding inefficiency and excessive costs in pack-out and shipping
Case Study: Mail Order PharmacyCreate a system to safely deliver temperature sensitive drugs - and other products – to mail order patients in distinct locations throughout the U.S.
Case Study: Southwest - Cold Chain Technologies - IntelleflexWhy the combination of Passive Packaging Technology, Wireless Asset Tracking, and 3,300 Daily Nonstop Flights Offers an Efficient and Affordable Cold Chain Solution
White Paper: Choosing the Right Passive Thermal Packaging SolutionThe expansive growth and regulation of temperature sensitive distribution has led to an overwhelming number of thermal packaging options available on the market today. This whitepaper provides life science organizations an all-encompassing tool, regardless of the market or distribution segment, for evaluating temperature sensitive packaging across seven critical categories identified from market surveys including best practices for specific market segments.
White Paper: Performance Properties of Cargo CoversHow the properties of cargo covers affect their performance in real exposure conditions.


We are ready and able to support the temperature-sensitive supply chain requirements of the COVID-19 vaccine with the industry’s broadest portfolio of single-use and reusable systems for parcel and pallet shipments.