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About Evolution Medical

Evolution Medical CC (“EMD”) has been supplying products and services to the medical and pharmaceutical industry for the past 14 years. The company has enjoyed constant positive organic growth since its inception in early 2007.

Key elements of EMD’s business include the following products and services, but are not limited to: 

South African & Africa distributor for Cold Chain Technologies USA
South African & Africa distributor for Schulke Germany medical hygiene specialists.

Going forward, the company has identified the following strategies as key growth areas targeted for development .

  • Continued development and progression of effective marketing, sales strategies and distribution network. This includes the prospect of e-commerce
  • Identification of new products from local and international sources to add to EMD’s product range at competitive prices with quality advantages
  • Competing in tenders for supply of product into government establishments and private healthcare companies with specific emphasis on company representation, product quality and competitive pricing
  • Expansion of operations and sales force into Africa and regions within Southern Africa .

With this strategy in place and its required activation by a hand picked team of self-motivated, positive and enthusiastic employees, EMD has a positive future with firm growth prospects in the vibrant and developing markets of the Southern African sub-continent and extended continent

[Title] Superior Thermal Packaging Solutions with the CCT Advanced SU96

The CCT Advanced SU96 offers reliable cold chain maintenance under extremely challenging circumstances, making it a superior choice for long-distance shipment of high value, temperature sensitive products.

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