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Superior Thermal Packaging Solutions with the CCT Advanced SU96

The CCT Advanced SU96 offers reliable cold chain maintenance under extremely challenging circumstances, making it a superior choice for long-distance shipment of high value, temperature sensitive products.

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Safe Transportation and Storage of Temperature Sensitive Insulin

For those who need it, insulin is a life-saving drug which should be transported, stored, and handled with utmost care to maintain its stability and efficacy. Effective cold chain management plays a crucial role in the supply chain, ensuring that the end user receives a medication that has not been compromised in any way at all.

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Cold Chain Logistics Protecting the Evolution of Medical Innovations

The medical industry estimates that within the next few years, temperature sensitive biopharmaceutical products will be used at twice the rate of other pharmaceutical products. Cold chain logistics plays a fundamental role in ensuring temperature sensitive biopharmaceuticals are transported safely and in such a way that their integrity is not compromised.

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The Importance of Cold Chain Management in the Pharmaceutical Sector

Cold chain is a supply chain that aims to maintain the quality and integrity of a product by ensuring the correct temperature is maintained, from manufacture right through to the end user.

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J&J Temperature Sensitive Vaccines use Cold Chain Technologies Packaging

The first batch of Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccines arrived at OR Tambo airport late on Tuesday the 16th of February. Cold Chain Technologies’ Kool Temp GTS Evolution cold chain shipping boxes were used to transport the COVID-19 vaccines safely from America to South Africa.

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Sustainable Medical Packaging Solutions

Due to the negative impact waste has on the environment, it has become increasingly important for businesses to find sustainable methods of carrying out their usual operations. Replacing old ways with new, Evolution Medical has committed to using sustainable packaging solutions, offsetting our environmental impact significantly by minimizing waste.

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Cold Chain Logistics & COVID-19 Vaccines

Cold chain logistics refers to the distribution of temperature-controlled goods, such as temperature-sensitive foods, beverages, and bio-pharmaceutical products and involves every step in the supply chain, from supply procurement to transport, storage, and delivery to the end consumer.

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