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Making the right thermal packaging choices can be difficult and that is why we are here to provide expert advice. 

Our cold chain shipping solutions are designed and manufactured to ship and protect COVID vaccines as well as other temperature sensitive biopharmaceutical products in the most demanding environments. 

This packaging protects logistic shipments from environmental variables that could compromise the quality and efficacy of their cargo – an extremely important advantage for successful cold chain maintenance. 

Using the correct thermal packaging is a minimum requirement to make these life-saving products accessible to underdeveloped countries with basic infrastructure and limited access to healthcare infrastructure. 

Their reusability also makes them a long-term investment in cold-chain capacity for logistics companies, who will also be faced with less risk of financial loss due to damaged or compromised cargo and the possible loss of life due to shipping failure. 

Evolution Medical supplies Cold Chain Technologies’ thermal packaging solutions which are designed with one purpose in mind – to protect temperature sensitive products in even the most extreme conditions, for extended periods of time. 

The high level of protection against external temperatures provided by these products places them at the forefront of cold chain maintenance, especially when shipping COVID vaccines and other temperature sensitive biopharmaceuticals to remote parts of the world. 

Evolution Medical aims to make safe healthcare accessible to all through making reliable, cost-effective cold chain packaging available to logistics companies across Africa. 

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Evolution Medical

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