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Cold Chain Logistics Protecting the Evolution of Medical Innovations

A large percentage of medical and healthcare products are developed and derived from various components that make them vulnerable to heat, unsafe handling and exposure to light and moisture.

Recent advances in medicine with regards to tissue-based products, cell therapy, biopharmaceuticals and transplant medicine have created the option for treatment alternatives for patients with various diseases or conditions.

However, the effectiveness of such treatment depends largely on the safe handling and delivery of the temperature sensitive medicines to the patient.

cold chain logistics

Importance of Cold Chain Logistics

The medical industry estimates that within the next few years, temperature sensitive biopharmaceutical products will be used at twice the rate of other pharmaceutical products.

These products include biologics, drugs, vaccines, and blood products.

What’s important to remember is that although these products are being developed and used more and more, they come at a high cost and have highly specialised transportation and storage requirements which should be met at every stage of the distribution chain.

Throughout every stage of the supply chain, the following must be monitored with absolute care and attention:

  • Temperature
  • Light exposure
  • Humidity
  • Movement
  • Theft

In order to monitor all these variables closely, healthcare companies involved with the sale and distribution of these products need to work together to implement a well-designed system of storage and delivery from start to finish.

Cold chain logistics plays a fundamental role in ensuring temperature sensitive biopharmaceuticals are transported safely and in such a way that their integrity is not compromised.

This involves investing in the necessary specialised vehicles, facilities, packaging, and real-time monitoring technologies. Additionally, the employment of highly skilled staff who are trained in the relevant protocols in place to prevent any form of damage to the product.

Cold Chain Packaging

What plays an integral role in this entire process is cold chain packaging which is designed specifically for cold chain management.

Because of the many variables that transport companies face when transporting temperature sensitive cargo, high quality cold chain packaging is crucial.

With Cold Chain Technologies’ thermal packaging, maintenance of cold chain is guaranteed. Therefore, the medical and healthcare industries can have confidence to continue developing biopharmaceuticals and other advanced treatments which require cold chain maintenance throughout the supply chain.

Evolution Medical – Cold Chain Logistics South Africa

Evolution Medical is a proud supplier of Cold Chain Technologies thermal packaging solutions and together with them, we remain committed to supporting global advancements in biopharmaceuticals and other temperature sensitive medical supplies.

If you would like more information about our thermal packaging solutions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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