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Superior Thermal Packaging Solutions with the CCT Advanced SU96

Evolution Medical is the leading supplier of Cold Chain Technologies (CCT) products in South Africa, making effective and bullet-proof cold chain management possible in various medical industries.

With a wide range of specialised, single-use and reusable medical cold chain boxes available, there is a thermal packaging solution available for a multitude of uses.

We understand that not all cold chain is the same, especially in the medical industry as products vary in their sensitivity to temperature.

Other factors that influence cold chain maintenance is the distance the product must travel between its source and destination – making superior cold chain packaging a crucial part of the distribution process.

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Cold Chain Technologies Advanced SU96 – Medical Cold Chain Boxes in South Africa

The Advanced SU96 falls under the single use category of CCT’s packaging and offers considerably high-performance specifications in relation to it’s compact design.

Weighing up to 50% less than most conventional single use designs, it offers a unique opportunity for weight efficiency during transit. In other words, the size and weight of the CCT Advanced SU96 contributes positively to the overall weight of the goods in transit, ultimately reducing shipping costs.

This product has been tested against ISTA 7D for 6+ days. The ISTA 7D is a test that has been designed to measure a package’s ability to protect a product from varying external temperatures. Its ability to maintain the desired temperature range for a guaranteed period of 6 days makes it a superior option for long-distance transportation.

Additionally, the Advanced SU96 is made from vacuum insulated panels and contains shape/stable PCM gels which play a crucial role in the package’s design.

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With vacuum-insulated panels, thicker material is no longer needed to ensure the same level of performance as this feature out-performs other insulation methods such as expanded polystyrene (EPS) and polyurethane (PUR) insulation.

Furthermore, when stored correctly and in the right environment, this single use parcel system can accommodate both expected and unexpected delays in shipment without compromising the safety of the contents.

Recommended Use for the Cold Chain Technologies Advanced SU96

Air Freight

The Advanced SU96 is recommended for domestic or international shipments with a wide range of temperature fluctuations and potential delays in shipment.


It is also recommended for first mile delivery which refers to the transportation of goods from a manufacturer’s or retailer’s warehouse to a central distribution hub from where shipping companies or logistics partners take the good forward to the next destination. It is also known as the first leg of the supply chain.

Additionally, the Advanced SU96 packaging is suitable for transporting high value therapies in clinical trial settings.

Evolution Medical – Cold Chain Packaging South Africa

The CCT Advanced SU96 offers reliable cold chain maintenance under extremely challenging circumstances, making it a superior choice for long-distance shipment of high value, temperature sensitive products.

As part of the single use options available, this product is affordable, accessible and aims to offer opportunities to improve transit efficiency and reduce costs.

To find out more about this product or any other products we have available, please feel free to contact us.

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