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CCT Advanced SU 48 CCTAdvancedSU48

CCT Advanced SU 48

CCT Advanced SU 48

Freight efficient solutions for temperature sensitive products, with solutions for refrigerated and controlled room temperature applications.

Compact design – Up to 50% less volume and volumetric weight than existing single-use designs*

  • Reduced freight costs – Substantial savings can be achieved
  • Robust performance – Tested against ISTA 7D for 3+ days
  • Universal Pack out – Four sizes available (8 L – 54 L)
  • Premium single use solution – Engineered with compact Vacuum Insulated Panels (VIPs) & Advanced PCM gels
  • Configuration options – Available fully conditioned or unconditioned and in a variety of configurations (see table below)
  • Hibernation Capable – can hibernate without compromising performance

The CCT Advanced SU48 single-use series offers high performance and considerable freight savings from its compact design. With up to 50% less volume and volumetric weight than existing single use designs*, CCT Advanced SU96 represents a substantial step forward in freight efficiency for the transportation of temperature sensitive product.

CCT Advanced SU48 is constructed from vacuum insulated panels (VIP) and features shape-stable PCM gels which both contribute to the compact and efficient design. Vacuum-insulated panels out-perform EPS and PUR with respect to insulation, which means that less thickness of material is required to achieve the same level of performance. This allows for a much smaller solution overall, which translates into lower freight costs and reduced environmental impact during transit.

CCT Advanced SU48 single use parcel systems are hibernation capable, meaning that in the right storage environment, they can accommodate scheduled or unscheduled shipment delays without compromising product safety.

Tested to ISTA 7D for 3 days, CCT Advanced SU48 is more than capable of protecting temperature sensitive products for a full 48 hours or more.