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GTS Controlled Ambient Pallet Solutions

Clinical, High Value Commercial, and R&D shipments

  • 4-5 Day Duration
  • Universal Pack-out
  • 260L, 630L & 1500L Payloads
  • 2-25°C | 5-30°C | 2-30°C

Key Features

  • 4 Size Pallet Containers: 260L, 630L, and 1500L Payload Capacities
  • Qualified for 5-30°C for 96+ hours to protect from freezing and/or excessive heat
  • Simple pack-out for year-round performance in extreme temperatures
  • Cost effective for single use shipments but also robust enough for return/re-use
  • Made from environmentally safe and reusable materials

Recommended Use

  • Commercial & Clinical Trial Product Shipments
  • Research & Development Shipments
  • High-Value Product Shipments
  • International Shipments to both Developed & Undeveloped Countries
  • Domestic Longer Duration Ground Shipments
  • Projects requiring quick solution implementation (no time for custom