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GTS Excel Lite

Clinical, High Value Commercial, and R&D shipments

  • 3+ Days Duration
  • Seasonal Pack-out
  • 6L, 12L, 26L & 52L Payloads
  • 2-8°C
Key Features
KoolTemp® GTS Excel LITE parcel shippers provide the benefits of
phase-change materials without the drawbacks.
  • 4 Size Parcel Containers: 6L, 12L, 26L and 52L Payload Capacities
  • Pre-qualified for 2-8°C for 60+ hours
  • Simple modular pack-out
  • Seasonal pack-out configuration for cost effective temperature protection
  • Interchangeable refrigerants across for all four sizes
  • Single step pre-conditioning; no refrigerant sweating
  • Powered by proprietary Koolit® Advanced PCM which increases performance and payload capacity all while decreasing cost, size and weight

Recommended Use

  • Clinical Trial & Commercial Shipments
  • Research & Development Shipments
  • High-Value Product Shipments
  • Domestic Expedited and Local Ground Shipments
  • International Shipments via High Volume Distribution Lanes
  • Projects requiring quick solution implementation (no time for
    custom development)