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Kooltemp Ecoflex 96 KTEF96

Kooltemp Ecoflex 96

Ecology + Economy + Flexibility

  • Now Up to 5+ Days – Robust temperature performance against ISTA 7D
  • Universal Pack-Out– 2-8°C and 15-25°C (Frozen forthcoming)
  • Lightweight with Optimal Sizing – Reduce freight costs with increased payload efficiency
  • Sustainable & Recyclable – Reusable shipping system with recyclable single-use components
  • Maximum Operational Flexibility– White glove, conditioned set-up delivery offers complete confidence
  • Affordable Custom Reusable Solutions – Smart, thermal packing designs available to your specs


The new KoolTemp EcoFlex 96 raises the bar for validated, reusable solutions that protect temperature-sensitive shipments! Using upgraded components, the KoolTemp EcoFlex 96 achieves maximum performance with a combination of the industry’s first shape-stable, full-coverage PCM gel, state-of-the-art materials, and unique shipper construction.

The KoolTemp EcoFlex 96 is specifically designed for efficient and compliant refurbishment in a return/re-use environment as part of the validated KoolTemp ReNew service program. This premium, reusable product line is the perfect solution to fulfill your sustainable initiative.  Our shape-stable PCM gel is not only reusable via our service program but is also recycled by us in the creation of new PCM. The PET inner liner and all corrugate and cardboard materials are also fully recyclable.

Due to superior thermal properties, vacuum-insulated panels allow for a much smaller solution overall. This is better for the environment in multiple ways. A smaller solution means an increase in freight efficiency which translates to reduced environmental impact during transit. Also, should the need arise for traditional disposal, the minimal amount of non-recyclable or non-reusable components requires significantly less landfill space than molded, single-use, insulated coolers.