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KoolTemp EndeavAir 1600L

Up to 144+ Hour Bulk Transport for Frozen or Refrigerated Vaccine

The True Replacement for Active Solutions at a Fraction of the Cost!
  • Up to 144+ Hour Duration – 2.0°C–8.0°C, 15.0°C–25.0°C, and < -20.0 °C
  • Lowest Total Cost
    • 41% cost savings vs active units
    • 30% cost savings vs passive units
  • Universal Pack-Out – Simplified pack-out process takes less time
  • No Compromise – Payload height of 50” (127 cm)
  • Complete Confidence – Real-time visibility to system location and temperature
  • Worldwide Solution – Accepts US or Euro palletized payload
  • Maximum Operational Flexibility – Conditioned set-up trip lease
  • Lower CO2 Footprint – Reduce empty repositioning transport with flexible unit configuration

A fully-conditioned, leased, reusable shipper designed to fit four on a PMC, the Kooltemp EndeavAir 1600L has the largest payload possible, allowing for 40% fewer shipments compared to other passive shipping solutions. If booking a full ULD, more savings are realized with freight costs reduced even more.

Want all the benefits of an active system without hassle? The Kooltemp EndeavAir offers up to 144+ hour duration, award-winning gelled-PCM, military-grade cargo tie-downs—plus, the flexibility and availability unheard of with active systems.

With multiple patent-pending technologies and real-time telemetrics, Kooltemp EndeavAIR provides unprecedented flexibility and protection for your temperature-sensitive shipments.